Disabled infants hosted by Airtel to Xmas lunch


Guests interacting with the infants and their parents before lunch

The infants, all less than six years old, are from the physio, occupational, speech and audiology units of the Ministry of Health. They were all accompanied by a parent, who was also the guest of Airtel, amid a festive ambiance of Christmas carols and other popular tunes.

They were joined for the occasion by Health Minister Mitcy Larue, director general for human resources management, development and administration Sandra Cewe who was standing in for principal secretary Veronique Laporte, the director for rehabilitation services, Patricia Rene and Airtel’s chief executive Vikram Sinha.

Airtel’s manager of human resources and corporate social responsibility Maria Pouponeau told Nation that the company has been holding such activities for disabled children for the past four years. She noted that the programme also seeks to involve Airtel staff in community activities.

She recalled that a week ago, a similar Christmas lunch was held for older children, falling under the National Council for the Disabled.

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