Church seeks total security for Seychelles at Christmas


However, a gospel church has claimed that one component is missing in the nation’s security package; and the church is poised to supply the lack.

Deeper Life Bible Church, Victoria, Mahé is holding a five-day residential camp meeting focusing on the mechanisms of comprehensive security for the nation and her people. 

The interdenominational retreat will be held at the Deeper Life Bible Church at Le Rocher (behind Kobe Cars) from December 21 – 25.
The church has promised that it would charge no fee for camp accommodation and meals.

National Overseer of the church, Pastor Alex Soji Ajayi, said the retreat is necessary to correct the misleading view that people hold about the meaning, implications and ramifications of security.

“Security is more than assurance of safety and success in life’s experiences and expeditions,” claimed the preacher.

“Man is more that combination of flesh and blood.  He has a soul; so it is damnable error to attend to the needs of his body and ignore the welfare of his soul.  Any security that excludes soul-watch is calamitously inadequate.”

Pastor Alex, who represents the church’s General Superintendent, Dr Williams Kumuyi, in Seychelles, added that the retreat will feature Bible teaching, group Bible study; Scripture based sermons, miracle prayers and counseling for troubled souls.

“This retreat practically is greater than the usual “yuletide jamboree”, the pastor asserted. 

Dr Kumuyi, who is an anointed world-class Bible teacher and trainer, will use the Scripture to probe the depth of human security needs and reveal the divine mechanisms of total security, which ensures that both the body and soul of man flourish together. 

“This is comprehensive security that guarantees eternal safety for the soul in the presence of God when it leaves the earth at death,” he said.

“The provision of spiritual aspect of security is the duty of the church,” the pastor remarked. 

“The government has made the streets and beaches safe.  It has made education and health-care free.  Its social welfare programme is running; and by its conservation and sanitation efforts, Seychelles is becoming the most beautiful archipelago in the Indian Ocean. 

But no government has a handle on the human soul; so the church, which is the nation’s soul keeper, should supply this lack.” 

The retreat, which is non-sectarian in nature, will begin on Friday December 21 and end on Christmas day.

Contributed by the Deeper Christian Life Ministry (DLCM)

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