Wind turbines to be fully operational in February


The Minister for Environment and Energy made the announcement on Tuesday while giving an update on the ongoing work being carried out on the wind turbines.

The executive chairman of the Public Utilities Corporation (PUC) Philippe Morin and Tony Imaduwa from the Seychelles Energy Commission were also present during the meeting with the press.

Minister Payet explained that tests on the eight wind turbines – three on Ile Du Port and five on Ile De Romainville – and the equipment that will guide their operation, are necessary to ensure they function as expected for several reasons.

“The gearing, electronic and computerised system of the equipment requires that the contractor and the PUC work together to train engineers to operate this type of system to ensure the proper transfer of power from the system to the PUC’s grid and to ensure that before it hands over the project to the PUC the company has to guarantee that the equipment meets the required standards,” said Prof. Payet.

He noted that because of the tests which are ongoing, there are days when the turbines will be turning and the public should not be alarmed.

He added that tests will also be carried out on PUC’s system as electricity to be generated by the turbines will be injected in its grid.

Mr Morin said the tests are necessary as the PUC will be putting its network at the disposal of the wind farm project.

“We need to ensure all our equipment are in order and well prepared for this new function,” added Mr Morin.

He also said the wind renewable energy project is expected to produce around six to seven million kilowatts of electricity per year which represent around 2% of PUC’s production and it is expected to help reduce the company’s diesel cost.

But will this reflect in the cost on consumers’ utility bills?
Mr Morin said he is not in a position to pronounce himself on that matter as there are different determining factors involved.

Mr Imaduwa pointed out that once the wind energy project is fully operational the focus will shift to other renewable energy sources to be tapped for producing electricity and this will include solar power, and power produced by waste.

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