Seychelles strikes more air accords


The accords were struck at the fifth ICAO (International Civil Aviation Authority) Air Services Conference (ICAN) held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia from December 8-12, 2012.

The delegation from Seychelles headed by Gilbert Faure, chief executive of the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA), held talks with 13 countries and concluded nine agreements with Turkey, United States of America, the Czech Republic, the Yemen, Iceland, Singapore, Morocco, Kuwait and Rwanda.

Commenting on these agreements, the Minister for Home Affairs and Transport Joel Morgan said:
“They are fruit of the hard work of the SCAA and the Department of Transport to set the stage for air services development to better link our country to the rest of the world,” “The new arrangements concluded with the United States and the upcoming ones with Brazil and Australia, for example, mean that Seychelles is reaching far and wide to lay the foundation for air services development and ensure tourists and business travellers from almost anywhere around the globe can have excellent connectivity to Seychelles, be it through direct flights or through codeshare operations, which are integral components of these legal frameworks,” said Mr Morgan.

The conference, which brought together more than seventy countries and representatives of the aviation industry worldwide, coincided with this year’s International Civil Aviation Day which was celebrated on December 7. The theme this year was ‘Aviation your reliable connection to the world’.

Altogether, the SCAA concluded a total of 12 agreements in 2012 and there are many more planned for the year to come, to grow the number of destinations, airlines, flights and tourists to the Seychelles.

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