Football-Seychelles football gets new chairman and executive committee


The new SFF executive committee: (Seated from left to right) Mathiot, Henriette, Chetty and Payet. (Standing from left to right) Bibi, Poiret, Sinon and Larue

The election for a new executive committee took place on Wednesday during the sport’s extraordinary general meeting (EGM) at the Maison Football, Roche Caïman.

In the race for the chairmanship, Chetty defeated Decommarmond by 18 votes to seven.

Roch Henriette retained the vice-chairman post with 14 votes compared to 11 for Dolor Ernesta, the only other contender.

Treasurer on the former committee, Justin Mathiot was re-elected after winning 16 votes to outpace William Zarine who won nine.

Other ordinary members elected on the executive committee are Robert Payet (15 votes), Georges Bibi (13 votes), Danny Poiret (12 votes), Philip Sinon (12 votes), and Jean Larue (11 votes).

The election process was supervised by Clive Delorié, helped by Bernard Toulon, Pierre Dogley and Dereck Barbé.

Wednesday’s meeting was attended by 25 teams’ representatives – 10 first division, eight second division, six third division and a representative of the inner islands league.

All members of the previous committee – Joel Decommarmond (chairman), Roch Henriette (vice-chairman), Justin Mathiot (treasurer), Danny Poiret, Lewis Madeleine, Wesson Joubert, George Bibi and Ralph Rose – were asked to resign during the federation’s EGM in November.

A steering committee made up of Elvis Chetty, Clive Delorié and Dolor Ernesta was set up to oversee the process and prepare for the election.

Speaking to Sports Nation after being elected into office, Mr Chetty said he has three main goals to work on in the immediate future.

“Firstly, the executive committee needs to put the administrative office in order and see where there is a need to have more staff. We will also produce manuals to guide all the administrative duties.

“Secondly, we have to work on a business structure to raise funds to help all our members (clubs) who lack the necessary financial earnings to run properly.

“Finally, we need to work on developing football at grassroot level – from bottom up – to get more quality players and up the level of the game played here.

New chairman Chetty, who thanked all who supported him prior and during the election, has promised his team will come up with a new set of regulations for the 2013 season. This will be presented to the clubs during the annual general meeting in February next year.

He added that “clubs will be consulted on the regulations during the course of 2013 and their input will be taken into consideration and by 2014 we will have a new set of regulations guiding Seychelles football”.

“By getting all our members involved, they will feel part and parcel of the final draft.”

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