Coaches meet in end-of-year forum


All of the coaches are employed or work part-time with the National Sports Council (NSC) whose chief executive Alain Volcère was present for Saturday’s forum at the Maison Football’s auditorium.

NSC’s director for sports management and development Robert Auguste and staff from his department were also present.

Mr Volcère told the coaches that the NSC is working on increasing their allowances and drafting a reward scheme based on results produced by their athletes.

“We now have in place a reward scheme for sportsmen and women who win medals in regional and international competitions. But this is not the case for coaches. Lately, we’ve been rewarding some coaches, but we need to work on a proper reward scheme for coaches,” said Mr Volcère, who also told the coaches that they need to be more professional in their work so as to increase the chances of Seychellois athletes winning medals in the international arena.

The coaches also listened to talks about the importance of sports journalism at a time when the power and influence of professional and amateur sports have grown, the importance of sports medicine in getting high calibre results and optimal sports performance, how to write a proper competition report, the technical terminology of ‘super-compensation’ and the vital importance of the relation between training load and recuperation among others.

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