Aldabra, a precious gem in our ocean


Personally, I am sentimentally attached to Aldabra, having spent the first three years of my life there at a time when the famous 'Zipporah' under captain Mellon sailed our seas. I rue the fact that I have never had a chance to return there. I hope to be able to do so one day, a cherished dream still to be fulfilled. We have a lot to 'educate' ourselves about in terms of marine environment and bio-diversity in visiting this fascinating atoll, unique in the world.

I would, therefore, appeal to the authorities concerned to try, as much as possible, to facilitate visits for Seychellois to Aldabra.

On this anniversary, we must also have a thought of gratitude for all those who have struggled hard in the late 60s to prevent Aldabra from becoming a military base at a time when it was part of the BIOT (British Indian Ocean Territory). Had they not succeeded, we would not be celebrating this anniversary today and how sad it would be for Seychelles and humanity at large.

John L. Adam

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