Airtel hands over proceeds of charity show to government


The hand-over of the cheque

The money was raised through the sale of tickets for the Dreams 2 charity show which Airtel hosted in collaboration with the National Council for the Disabled on December 11 at the International Conference Centre.

Also present at the hand over ceremony at Airtel’s headquarters, Providence, were National Council for the Disabled chairperson Patricia Rene and members of the council, students of council’s vocational unit as well as some Airtel staff who took part in the show.

Minister Meriton was very appreciative of Airtel’s gesture, saying: “The show was a great one for a good cause and it shows that Airtel is on the right track towards helping with the government’s objectives of the social renaissance.”

He congratulated Airtel for organising the second Dreams show which has contributed towards a noble cause, helping one of the vulnerable groups – the disabled.

“We look forward for Airtel’s involvement in other projects to promote stability and fraternity in the community. With the leadership Airtel has displayed, we will work to see how the company will help even more to implement the national campaign of social renaissance.”

Mr Sinha said: “For Airtel, this is more than giving a sum of money. It involved staff taking part in showing love and care for the disabled and giving something back to society.”

“It was a collaboration with the students of the vocational unit of the National Council for the Disabled to create a great show that was appreciated by everyone who attended. We wanted to create a dream and make it come true for those students with a disability and this dream certainly came true,” added Mr Sinha.

Twenty individuals, companies and work organisations who bought tickets for the December 11 show received prizes after the ticket numbers were drawn during Friday’s ceremony.

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