Malawi Assembly speaker calls on President Michel


Mr Banda during his call on President Michel at State House

Mr Henry Chimunthu Banda, the former chairperson of the Standing Committee of the Conference is here to hold discussions with Assembly speaker Dr Patrick Herminie, who took over the chairmanship during last year’s 13th Conference held in Lilongwe, Malawi.

“As Seychelles will be hosting the next conference next year it is necessary that we share thoughts on how best to prepare this forthcoming meeting which is expected to be attended by delegates from some 20 African countries,” said Mr Banda.

Regarding his meeting with Mr Michel, Mr Banda said they discussed various issues related to relations between Seychelles and Malawi and their common interests as members of the Commonwealth and SADC (Southern African Development Community).

“It was an opportunity to share thoughts on how to strengthen relations between the two countries and how to work together to better promote the ideals of SADC and the Commonwealth parliamentary association,” Mr Banda added.

Commenting on the parliamentary system here, Mr Banda said to a large extent it is no different from that of Malawi as both countries derive all their parliament practices and procedures from that of the Commonwealth.

“We may have our own way of doing certain activities but by and large we conform to the Westminster traditions,” noted Mr Banda.

Mr Banda presents President Michel with a gift

Mr Banda was accompanied on the visit to State House by Speaker Herminie and the principal secretary for Foreign Affairs Maurice Loustau-Lalanne.

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