Road users urged to be more cautious


Road users are being urged to be more careful and abide by the road signs so as to ease the flow of traffic, especially in and around Victoria

Looking ahead to the New Year period, the police are calling on motorists and pedestrians to be more careful and abide by the road signs, to ease the flow of traffic, especially in and around Victoria.

Assistant Superintendent Wilson Denis, who is in charge of the traffic department, said in the worst accident, which occurred Monday at Le Niol, a pedestrian was hit and a second vehicle was involved.
It is believed that the two other accidents during the weekend – one on Praslin and the other at Au Cap -  were caused by overtaking and speeding.

Though it appears that none of those injured are in any serious condition, ASP Denis said they could have been worse off as it had been raining and the roads were slippery, adding to the hazards.

ASP Denis urged motorists to avoid overtaking and speeding as such practices are usually linked to serious accidents.

He also urged motorists to avoid aggressive behaviour and instead show more courtesy on the roads, especially during the festive season when traffic is heavy.

He also called on drivers to park only in designated areas and avoid drop-offs as this disrupts the flow of traffic and worsens the situation on the already congested roads.
He added that vehicles must be well parked, and not left in such a way as to obstruct and constitute a hazard to other motorists.

In many instances, pedestrians are to be blamed for slowing traffic down, the police officer said, noting  many people have a tendency to cross the road at places other than zebra crossings.

He noted that this is frequently observed at Albert Street in front of the Camion Hall and elsewhere in Victoria.

Turning to the coming New Year festive period, ASP Denis said he expects the traffic volume to be heavier  still.

“More police officers will be out on the roads. They will be carrying out spot checks, stopping vehicles observed to be speeding and subjecting the drivers to breathalyzers,” he said.

ASP Denis once again urged everyone who has consumed alcohol to avoid driving.

He also suggested that those going shopping in Victoria can used the ‘Park and Ride’ service launched by the Seychelles Public Transport Corporation (SPTC) recently.
The SPTC buses in the special service are parked at Perseverance for motorists coming from north Mahe and at Palais des Sports for those driving from the south.

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