Pillay-R Group brings Christmas cheer to orphanage residents


Minister Meriton (left) and Mr Pillay addressing...


At exactly lunchtime, the around 70 children were seated and ready for their event to begin, which has been organised for them every year since 2003.

It was first organised for the children and other residents of the Ste Elizabeth orphanage, and then came to include other homes on Mahé.

Tuesday’s event kicked off with some words from the Minister for Social Affairs, Community Development and Sports Vincent Meriton, who said all acts of kindness to the children are greatly appreciated and made an appeal to the parents of the children.
“Society has done many acts of generosity to these children, and I thank all those who have contributed whether directly or indirectly to the well-being of the children.

 My wish for this Christmas is that the parents of these children find it in their hearts to come back into the lives of their children and try to see how they can play a role in their upbringing,” he said.

 ...guests at the lunch 

The owner of the Pillay-R Group, Ramu Pillay, told Seychelles Nation that although they had been asked to do some renovations on the Ste Elizabeth Convent’s living room as the Christmas present, they had done the renovations and still hosted the annual party.

He said the company also gave each child a gift, and had previously asked them to choose a gift that would be useful to them, such as shoes, schoolbags and so on.
He also pledged a computer to the convent, saying in this modern day of technology, it is important for the children to have access to such an important piece of technology.

Apart from the lunch, the children were also able to dance the afternoon away, enjoy a dip in the swimming pool and received their gifts from Santa Claus, before going home tired, but happy on Christmas Day.

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