Public administration rewards long-serving employees


The longest serving employee, Ivonia Richardson, with VP Faure and Mrs Esparon

Present at yesterday’s ceremony held at the National House were Vice-President Danny Faure, who is also responsible for the department of public administration, principal secretary in the Vice-President’s office Jeanne Simeon, DPA’s principal secretary Jessie Esparon and other staff members.

Certificates were presented to Jordana Cafrine, Samantha Padayachy, Dorina Robert, Anielles Desaubin, Biko Biong, Jensie Barbe, Vicky Aglae and Shana Albert, all of whom have been working at DPA for five years.

Dorothy Adrien was the only employee to have clocked 10 years of service while her colleagues Francis Benoit, Macda Bonnelame, Lucille Morel and Marie Peddo received certificates for having served 15 years.

Those rewarded for 20 years of service are Marie-Antoine Gilbert, Veronique Monthy and Lyndia Barbe, while Suzanne Dubignon and Marie-Ange Charlot have been rewarded for spending 30 years with the institution.

The long-serving staff  with VP Faure and Mrs Esparon

Celebrating 40 years of service is the department’s director general for regulation and monitoring division Ivonia Richardson.

Addressing those present, Mr Faure said the 40 years of service Mrs Richardson has dedicated to DPA should serve as a motivation for others.

He added that teamwork is the key to success and that although challenges may arise DPA staff should keep working together for the betterment of their department and of the country.

Mr Faure and Ms Esparon also thanked all DPA staff for their dedication and hard work and wished them the best for 2013.

On behalf of all DPA employees, Ms Esparon presented a gift to Mr Faure as a token of appreciation.

 Long-serving and other DPA staff in a family photograph with VP Faure, Mrs Esparon and Mrs Simeon

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