Firm brings ‘the Crocs Seychellois love’


Ms Isaacs at the new shop at the Eden Plaza

The brand is now available at the Crocs shop at the Eden Island Plaza.
One of the local outlet’s directors, Shaakira Isaacs, told Nation they were pleasantly surprised to see people wearing the unique footwear here, and happy that from now on Seychellois will get theirs right here on Mahe.

She explained the wear are safe as they do not slide and clean because they do not leave marks on boat or house floors.

Unlike many shoes, particularly those made of rubber, the footwear also do not attract or retain odd smells, putting them in a class of their own – the class that makes then so unique and treasured.

They are ideal as casual wear but also come in handy when one is doing reasonably heavy work like gardening where their strength resists sheer and tear from such activities, she said, noting they are also light making hiking and fishing an additional pleasure.

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