John Wirtz shines at 9th Caribbean Music award


John Wirtz seen here with his honorary award at the red carpet Seychelles Music Award event earlier this monthWirtz scored high in the listeners’ choice poll of Dynamitch Magazine, sharing the spotlight with Michel Alibo, Sylviane Cedia, Mario Canonge, Jean Kebreau and Jean-Claude Gaspard in the Indian Ocean category. 

A list of five nominees of artistes making their mark in the music industry is selected by a panel of Dynamitch Magazine editorial.

Listeners of Espace FM and Internet surfers are then invited to cast their votes for their favourite artists of the five nominees in eight categories.

Collecting a string of votes, Seychellois veteran singer Wirtz is to grace the red carpet at the Caribbean Music Award today.

Revealing that the award is his first international recognition, Wirtz proudly noted that it is a rare but welcome return to the spotlight to receive such a prestigious award.

“It’s probably the hit Bal Dan Penpen which has earned me this prominent award,” joked Wirtz who admitted that this “award is an encouraging force to my long deserving career”.

“I think it is the best thing that has ever happened to me. It’s surely an honour for me and Seychelles,” said Wirtz.

Wirtz becomes the first Seychellois to crank up the Caribbean Music Award Golden Dynamitch Trophy.

He is also the first recipient of the Seychelles Music Award’s honorary award 2012.

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