Three babies born on New Year’s Day


Karen Chang-Tive with her baby Khaleb, the first child to be born this year

Khaleb is the first child of Karen Chang-Tive, who said she is happy that her son was born on such a special day.

The second baby to be born on that day is the son of Shain Bonnelame. The baby, who has not been given a name yet, was born at 1.50am.

Shain said her baby was expected to be born on December 28 but is happy that he came on January 1 as it’s a wonderful New Year’s Day gift.

Shain Bonnelame with her baby boy, the second child to be born on New Year’s Day

The lucky babies have both received a R1,000 voucher from the Seychelles Savings Bank which their mothers will be able to open a savings account for them at the bank.

The two mothers have also received a hamper of goodies from the bank.

Seychelles Hospital has also confirmed that another baby was born during the evening on New Year’s Day. Tina Bistoquet gave birth to a boy.

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