Accused beg judge to take them to jail


The men raised their hands when the judge asked who wanted to be taken to Montagne Posée – instead of being remanded at the central police station – which their lawyers had said is overcrowded and allows little room for exercises or fresh air.

Mr Burhan harkened to their plea but one man who had earlier said he is “happy” to be held at the police station where he is being remanded withdrew his request to join those who were granted the Montagne Posée chance.

The prison has in recent times been described as a comfortable prison by visiting top United Nations Office for Drugs and Crime officials.

Seychelles prisons have for years attracted the international media with Reuters writing “Seychelles prison lures back inmates” during the days when Long Island prisoners would escape in time to be with their loved ones at Christmas time but break back into jail after New Year festivities.

“I’ll be home for Christmas” was a favourite Reuters title but last year and in 2011 the agency had to do without such a story because beefed up security has made escaping nearly impossible, and former fugitives Garry Payet and Neddy Onezime made their exits too late and were arrested rather than slithered back in like their predecessors.

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