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HAPPY MOOD … CAVB coaches commission member Bernard Denis

Presently the director for sports training and technical development in the National Sports Council (NSC) and coach of Premium Spikers, who have a achieved a league and cup double for the last three years (2010, 2011 and 2012), Mr Denis will be attending the CAVB coaches commission meeting which will be held in Egypt, from January 17-19.

The meeting will be the opportunity to discuss the latest development of the CAVB competitions and the strategic plan to have a common view among all members.

A Fédération Internationale de Volley-ball (FIVB) instructor level two, coach Denis, who was appointed to the coaches commission in December last year for a four-year mandate, has proposed ‘content of coaches’ courses’ as his contribution to the meeting’s agenda.

Speaking to Sports Nation, he explained that with the new trend in coaching, trainers should be more managerial-oriented, rather than the traditional physical figure behind the team.

 He said his proposal will bring a more in-depth portrait on how coaches could better manage their teams, thus bringing a more professional approach to the post.

 These include proper management of resources – human, economic and logistic – and also proper distribution of workload among coaching staff, including statistics and medical.

This, coach Denis said, will ease the running of teams and will also reduce stress on head coaches.

Other topics proposed by members for the meeting are high performance coaches’ seminar, grassroots courses, coaching aid programmes, coaches’ scholarships and African instructor programmes.

Other members of the CAVB coaches’ commission are Sherif Hamdy Elshemerly (Egypt), Blaise Mayam Re-Noif (Cameroon), Oghuma-Eghiemai Tony (Nigeria), Moustafa Ahshoush (Morocco) and Adam Kpenoukoundehou (Benin).

A nominee for the Coach of the Year in the forthcoming 29th Sports Awards of the Year, coach Denis wishes to thank all those who have helped him in one way or another to reach that level.

 He added that his major dream is to have a volleyball development centre built here in Seychelles.
This, he said, will not only benefit the local sporting community, but will also help to propel Seychelles further, as there is no such centre in the region.

 He also noted that the centre will be a good way to collect revenue from the various courses that it will run.

He added that with the help of the FIVB, everything can be possible, but the devotion and willingness should come from the local authorities, including the NSC, the Seychelles Volleyball Federation and the Seychelles Olympics and Commonwealth Games Association.

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