Voter registration starts January 14



All eligible voters should go and verify their names on the register

Members of the public can go to the different stations across Mahe, Praslin and La Digue which will remain open until Thursday January 31. They can register from 3pm-6pm Monday to Friday, and from 10am-2pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

These same stations will be open from January 28 to January 31 between 3pm and 6pm for the purpose of receiving any claim or objection only.
Another station at the electoral commission’s office, Room 203, Aarti Building, Mont Fleuri, will remain open for all eligible voters, irrespective of their constituency, to verify their names.

The station will open from 10am-noon and from 1pm-6pm Monday to Friday, and from 10am-2pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Members of the public are reminded that the station at Aarti Building is reserved for inspection only. All claim and objections should be done in the voters’ respective districts.

Members of the public, especially those who have just turned 18, those who have just married or changed their names through divorce, and those who have been living abroad, are asked to bring along necessary papers and documents when they come to verify their names.

The voters’ registration exercise is a legal requirement and must be done at the beginning of each year.

The places where the voters’ register can be inspected in the various electoral areas are as follows: Anse Aux Pins (Anse Aux Pins school);

Anse Boileau (Anse Boileau community centre); Anse Etoile (Anse Etoile community centre); Anse Royale (Anse Royale secondary school, Anse
Royale police station);

 Au Cap (Pointe Au Sel church, Lenstiti Kreol, St Joseph); Baie Lazare (Baie Lazare creche); Baie Ste Anne (Baie Ste
Anne community centre); Beau Vallon (Beau Vallon creche); Bel Air (Bel Air community centre); Bel Ombre (Bel Ombre community centre);
(Cascade community centre); English River (English River school);

 Glacis (Glacis office of district administrator, North East Point
Rehabilitation Centre);

Grand Anse Mahe (Grand Anse Mahe school, La Misère School); Grand Anse Praslin (Grand Anse Praslin community
centre); Inner Islands (La Digue office of district administrator);

 Les Mamelles (Les Mamelles community centre); Mont Buxton (La Rosière
school); Mont Fleuri (Faculty of Education – ex-NIE);

Plaisance (Plaisance office of district administrator); Point Larue (Pointe Larue

creche); Port Glaud (Port Glaud school); Roche Caïman (Roche Caïman community centre); St Louis (Belonie school – ex-St John Bosco);
Takamaka (Takamaka office of district administrator).
All electoral areas (Aarti Building, Room 203, Mont Fleuri).

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