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Over the last two weeks, we have highlighted a number of ways that a good Point of Sale (POS) system is able to minimise the impact of these changes.

 Over the coming months, it is possible that there will be additional changes to this new system in either an expansion of the exempted products, perhaps a change to the Vat rate and possibly down if the revenue collected is more than expected and even the possibility of more businesses being required to register for Vat.

For these reasons our articles have attempted to highlight what a good POS System requires to allow for these changes and ensure a seamless and quick modification to accommodate any of these possibilities.

We contacted a spokesperson for Space95 who advised that they have invested heavily in obtaining the very best of POS systems, called SpacePOS.

SpacePOS is based on an internationally accredited retail management Point of Sale application that has been in the market place for many years.

 The system has been tested and proven in many large outlets and can handle hundreds of thousands of items and millions of transactions and is only limited by the amount of hard disk space.

They also advised that they have researched and located high quality hardware which is based on the AtomD525 Touch Screen unit that comes with a large 160GB of hard disk space and have sourced high quality receipt printers, customer display units, metal cash drawers and handheld barcode scanners, and knowing the challenges in power supply in Seychelles, they are also able to supply interruptible power supplies (UPS) to ensure a business’s investment is protected against power surges and possible loss of power.

SpacePOS allows you to:
• Keep a minimum stock to serve your customers and at the same time better manage your cash flow by only storing the right stock quantity;
• Issue purchase orders on time. SpacePOS tells you when you need to order and how much stock you need to order;

• Track Stock Expiry dates. Stop wasting money on expired stock by identifying stock item expiry dates;

• Track stock items with serial numbers. Know when an item that has a serial number was bought and sold;

• Print Barcodes for your stock. Allow the system to print and track barcodes for your stock to prevent user error and fast track sales;

• Identify your stock best performers. Know which stock sells best and makes you more money;

• Find out your business status on a daily bases. Check out how your business is doing on a daily basis by checking the accounting reports such as the profit and loss and balance sheet reports;

• Watch and monitor your sales from the back office on your networked computer as sales are processed;

• Process sales in record time using a touch screen and a barcode scanner.

SpacePOS is simple, visually appealing and easy to use. SpacePOS is versatile and flexible and changes can be made in seconds.

 One of the many advantages of SpacePOS is that they offer local support and can answer all your queries. Space95 also provides local training to ensure you quickly are back to doing what you do best.

There are many companies offering POS solutions on the world stage and even in Seychelles.

 We have found that at Space95, they have taken the guess work out of finding the right POS solution and believe that SpacePOS is the right solution for any business, regardless of the size or nature.

They believe that they are able to offer businesses the very best of hardware and software at an affordable price that is easy to use and very easy to learn, and is based on the knowledge that businesses should be doing business and not spending valuable time trying to learn a difficult system or being difficult to use.

For a free demonstration, visit the WiFi shop at the end of the Pirates Arms arcade where their friendly staff will be only too happy to assist.

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