Belonie secondary gets facelift for new school year



Work in progress to give Belonie secondary and its environs a new facelift

Speaking to Seychelles Nation, the school’s head teacher Medge Nancy said they decided to get the job done before school starts so that the students coming in for the new term will be greeted by freshly-painted walls, making the environment as appealing as possible.

“We focused mainly on the outside walls, which were last painted in 2010, and so had either faded or peeled a bit,” she said.

“While working on organising the event, we got help from the district administrator, who also helped to bring in the members of the football club, while we focused on getting in the PTA as well as some students.”

The half-day event was described as a success, and Ms Nancy said the response was very favourable.

Work in progress to give Belonie secondary and its environs a new facelift

She said the school received some of the paint from the Ministry of Education, and bought the rest with money gained from fund-raising activities the school had organised.

Although they did not manage to paint the entire school, emphasis was put on the S1 classes that would be welcoming in new students from primary schools, as well as other facilities and the head teacher said they would continue with the painting of the school over the rest of the year.

Ms Nancy has a message for students coming in for the new school year and this is to take good care of the facilities.

“What we have done today we did it for you, students, and we ask that you take good care of the school and that you give your very best to get the best results, academically and other ways, and make 2013 a successful one for Belonie school,” she said.

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