Prison wardens disciplined for security lapse


Security consultant Raymond St Ange said this yesterday, confirming another warden had hashish and a white powder when he was searched on suspicion of drug trafficking “and was arrested by prison authorities before being handed over to the police.

 The warder has since been prosecuted”.

Nation learned that one of the three wardens may be a foreigner and his contract will not be renewed when it expires, while the other two have been demoted and will suffer salary cuts.

Reports the Ministry of Home Affairs and Transport promised in writing it would confirm but had not done so by the end of the day Wednesday suggested that one of the wardens who should have been at a lookout point had left it and gone to gossip with a colleague when the break-out occurred.

One of the escapees is serving a life sentence in jail and we had requested the ministry to confirm whether he will be charged for escaping, since doing so cannot possibly increase his term as he is enjoying the maximum possible stretch in jail.

It is not clear whether the other escapee – both have been re-arrested – will face new charges to possibly add on the term he is serving for stealing.

We hope to publish these details if and when we get them.

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