Education ministry clarifies new school year dates at various levels


The 2013 academic school year will start on Monday January 21 for students of first and second year crèche, primary two to primary six, and secondary one.

The following day (Tuesday January 22) will see students start primary one while students of secondary two to secondary five will also go to school on the same day.

The Ile Perseverance primary school will start its school year on January 28, and officials from the Ministry of Education will meet parents of Ile Perseverance pupils on Tuesday January 22 at 3pm at the School Meal Centre, at Ile Perseverance.

And for those already attending post-secondary institutions, their school year will begin on January 28.

Those who are waiting to know which institution they have been admitted to will be informed at a later date after the selection has been done.

The Ile Perseverance school can cater for around 750 students, but the ministry has said around 450 students will start school there as from January this year, with around 100 crèche and 350 primary pupils.

“When all the families have moved in, we are expecting to get a lot more students and the school will be able to cater for them all,” Minister Mondon said recently.
She added that they are expecting students from all districts of Mahe to attend the new school.

The Ile Perseverance school is being financed partly by loans from the Arab Bank for Economic Development in Africa (Badea), Opec Fund for International Development (Ofid), and the government of Seychelles.

The contractor – Allied Builders Company – recently said the school will be ready for the start of the school year.


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