Seven boatmen remanded further over drugs


The documents carry statements from the witnesses, from the police officers, a drug analyst’s report and other details of the investigations, we learned.

The prosecutor said possession of turtle meat charges against the men were not ready yet while one of the men’s defence lawyers, Nichol Gabriel, told Nation they will apply for the accused to be released on bail when the case comes up again for hearing next month.

The lawyers argued three of the men should not even be detained because so far the prosecution has not said how they are possibly involved in the cases “except for the fact that they were on a boat with the drugs, meat, sea cucumber and a gun”.

The lawyer of one of the accused, who seemed to have been enjoying relative comfort at Glacis police station but had been moved to the central police station which was earlier rejected by other accused, succeeded in getting Mr Burhan to order that the accused be held elsewhere and be allowed access to a medical specialist in line with hospital procedures of getting such a service.

The accused were caught on a boat by the National Drugs Enforcement Agency on Friday December 7, 2012 some 400 miles south of Mahe.

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