Changes announced in line with education reforms



Minister Mondon addressing the school leaders during the meeting Friday

Minister Mondon, who was speaking during a meeting with education leaders held at the School of Education, said the reforms will include Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET), pastoral care, teacher appraisal, a tertiary education commission, and its Education Medium Term Strategy 2013-2017.

Speaking about the TVET system, Mrs Mondon said provisions have been made for all TVET classrooms to be renovated to ensure that the students are studying in a conducive environment. 

“Phase 1 of the project has been completed and the programme will enter its third year of implementation in 2013.

  Provision is being made to expand and extend TVET to more students.  For this to happen successfully we need the support of industries and the private sector to place students on attachment for them to gain work based experience,” she said.

The minister added that reforms in Pastoral Care will be taken to the next level in 2013.
“Schools that are slow in implementing the Pastoral Care Policy will need to shape up.  They have to ensure that all the necessary structures are in place by the end of the first quarter.

  I am happy to note that we have observed some positive changes in the behaviour of our students in certain schools.

 The Social Renaissance programme calls for a special effort from all of us educators to instill in our children and students strong values that will bring about a positive shift in their behaviour.

 Social Renaissance starts from within each and every one of us,” she said.

The ministry also said they are finalising work on a new teacher appraisal policy, which will be implemented at all levels of the school system.
This is with the aim of improving the teaching-learning process and to raise the standard of achievement for all students.
Speaking about the tertiary education commission (Tec), the minister said it was established in mid 2012 and has started a series of sensitisation sessions for its board members and stakeholders.

She added that work has also started on the Tec 3-year strategic plan. Tec personnel were also engaged in a number of capacity building initiatives.

“For 2013 Tec’s major engagement will focus on completion of the 3-year strategic plan, staffing of the secretariat, sensitisation of stakeholders, and the development of the necessary policies and guidelines to facilitate implementation of its mandate,” she said.
“As for the Education Medium Term Strategy 2013-2017, the ministry will be developing its strategy and the project is receiving technical assistance from the International Institute of Education Planning (IIEP) and financial assistance from the European Union.”

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