Seychelles Brahma Kumaris members join peers to mark founder’s day


Members of the Seychelles Brahma Kumaris

This was observed through hours of meditative silence at the Peace House at Hermitage.

Members met early Friday for special morning sessions of meditation and reflection and again in the early evening where they continued their session.

Normally individuals of all ages and backgrounds regularly attend classes to relax the mind, learn how to manage stress, and cultivate positive thinking.

The worldwide organisation was founded by Brahma Baba with a group of 300 women and young girls in Karachi, Pakistan in 1937. Brahma Baba had a very humble and powerful personality.

 As a leader he did not give orders, but did everything with love, mercy and wisdom and tried as much as he could to uplift others, no matter who they were or what they did.
He always diverted others’ attention to God as he had embarked on a mission to bring together people of all cultural, economic, race and religious backgrounds to rediscover and develop a spiritual dimension to their lives.  He did bring self-transformation to many lives worldwide.

In 1950 after partition with India, the institution moved to its present location in Mt Abu, Rajasthan - India. It is from there that the institution spread to over 8500 centres in 110 countries including Seychelles.

By engaging in numerous social activities and partnerships the organisations has become well known through promotion of  spiritual understanding , leadership with integrity and elevated actions towards a better world.
“Brahma Baba passed on January 18, 1969 and on this day we celebrate his life by reminding ourselves of the key spiritual values he embodied and helped propagate for creating a more peaceful world, some of which include the understanding that our true identity is the imperishable soul, and not the perishable body, we are souls with a body and not bodies with a soul,” says Florence Benstrong, one of the Brahma Kumaris leaders here.

“The organisation here and abroad has continued working towards his noble objectives of promoting peace and making the world a better place to live in, by offering free short courses on self development including meditation, positive thinking, stress management and anger management for individuals or organised groups,” Mrs Benstrong added.
The organisation also collaborates with other partners with similar objectives including the United Nations, in which it holds a general consultative status with the Economic and Social Council and has partnered in UN Projects notably the ‘million minutes of peace’ project during the United Nations’ international year of peace, in which it received seven peace messenger awards.

Here in the Seychelles the organisation was established in 1994 and since then many have continued to take benefit from its free courses. More information on the Brahmas Kumaris here can be obtained on 2534314 /2514199 or the global website;

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