Cleaner arrested on attempted extortion and impersonation of an NDEA agent


The incident, which happened on Wednesday January 16, began when the extortionist contacted the prisoner’s wife pretending to be an NDEA agent and informed her that she was in possession of the file and the exhibit in a case in respect of which her husband is currently on remand awaiting trial.
The caller informed the prisoner’s wife that she would destroy the file and the exhibit in exchange for the payment of R75,000. The caller demanded that the money be paid in two instalments of R35,000 each.
The prisoner’s wife carried out a number of enquiries that satisfied her that the caller was not who she pretended to be and contacted her lawyer who then contacted the NDEA.

 Working with the intended victim and her lawyer, the NDEA set up a sting operation and lured the caller to a location at the Seychelles Nation car park.

 Following further contact between the extortionist and the intended victim, a woman was seen to emerge from a taxi and engaged in conversation with the victim.

 The woman was arrested by waiting NDEA agents and taken into custody.

Investigations carried out by the NDEA reveal that the woman was acting at the behest of a family relative who is serving a sentence at Montagne Posée prison.

 No money was exchanged as a result of this attempted extortion.

This is the second attempt to extort money from the families of prisoners in recent months by individuals impersonating named members of the NDEA.
On December 13, 2012, one man was arrested after attempting to collect money from the family of one of the prisoners arrested on board the Charitha when very similar tactics were used.

The NDEA wishes to once again remind the public that all such calls from individuals claiming to be in a position to destroy evidence are bogus and should be immediately reported to the NDEA.

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