New driver wins car in Rotary Club lottery


Michel receiving the car keys from Mr Rassool

Michel, along with other winners of the lottery, was presented with his prize on Tuesday afternoon in a small ceremony held at the Golden Plate restaurant, Roche Caiman.

Rotary Club president Roland Rassool thanked all those who had taken part in the event, which raises money annually for charitable causes.
Young Michel Padayachy told Seychelles Nation that it has been barely one year since he got his driver’s licence and that he was at first highly disbelieving when told he had won the car.

“It was my mother Danielle who bought the tickets for me – she bought a whole book of tickets actually – and when she got the call and passed on the message to me, I didn’t believe it at first and they had to take some time to convince me,” he said.

“On the day of the draw, although we were not present there, my mother had mentioned that she had a strange feeling that she was about to get lucky in one way or another; we just had no idea how lucky we were about to be!”

Michel’s mother, Danielle Loze, said she is a regular buyer of the Rotary Club’s annual lottery tickets, and in fact likes to make contributions by buying lottery tickets for various causes from time to time.

Winners in a souvenir photograph with Mr Rassool

“I bought my tickets just before Christmas and was ecstatic at being told that we had won,” she said.

Ms Loze added that they are considering selling the car – which is comparably sizeable – to buy a smaller one that her son can better manoeuvre.

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