950 coco de mer nuts registered


Thirty four coco de mer nut producers have declared the number of trees they have while 923 nuts and 32 halves have been tagged

The ministry thanked members of the public who have complied with the law and registered their nuts and trees.

A press release from MEE said its officers will be going onto the premises of all producers to certify the information they gave about the number of trees and nuts on their property is correct.

“All trees will be given a number. At the same time, the Coco de mer (Management) Decree is being amended and will be submitted to the Cabinet of Ministers and the National Assembly as the new Coco de Mer Bill,” said the statement, adding legal action will be taken against those who have failed to take part in the registration exercise as the deadline was extended twice to allow ample time for the process.

After the ministry’s first ultimatum for the registration of coco de mer trees and nuts, members of the public have now been given a grace period where they could pay for the tags and permits at reduced rates.

The revised price for a tag was R100 and members of the public needed to declare the nuts they owned by December 15, 2012.

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