AfDB commends our future plans


Mrs Muduuli with President Michel at State House yesterday

She was speaking at State House after her farewell call on Mr Michel as she prepares to leave that position in June.

“He has very good ideas for future development especially with regard to the development of Seychelles,” she told reporters, adding she would not divulge details of the plans Mr Michel shared with her as it is his prerogative to release the information.

She commended Mr Michel’s leadership which she said has steered Seychelles out of the economic handicap it faced, hailing also the way he steers us through challenges “including the current stormy weather”.

She noted that during the last three years she has been able to see the AfDB engage with Seychelles in projects.

“The last three years have been very important because Seychelles has succeeded to maintain the progress it has started earlier on maintaining the very key economic reforms, to stabilise and manage the economy.”

Mrs Muduuli noted that the economy has been significantly restructured with only minor adjustments being left to do.

“We’ve been able to do some very good things for example in the laying of the submarine cable which has given the private sector a boost for private sector development in terms of communication,” she said.

She said the AfDB will continue to be involved in other projects like the ongoing AfDB-funded studies to improve the water supply sector.

“We are also planning to do something for the agricultural sector which will boost farming and livestock development.”

She also commended Seychelles’ management of the environment, adding she hopes to return as a tourist with her family.

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