Ju-Jitsu-Philoé still holds the rank of sensei


Philoé was promoted to 6th dan by Shihan Sorab Mowlabucus (8th dan) of Mauritius, who is also the secretary of the All Japan Ju-Jitsu International Federation (AJJIF) for Indian Ocean.

This was during an exchange demonstration and competition session between fighters from Seychelles and Mauritius on Saturday January 19 at the Roche Caïman dojo.

Speaking to Sports Nation, Philoé said despite receiving the 6th dan promotion, he was not automatically promoted to Shihan as he was told by Mowlabucus. He explained that after further investigation, he found out that only after the AJJIF executive committee has met and approved the promotion that the title of Shihan will be given to him.

Philoé acknowledged that the mistake was on the part of Shihan Sorab Mowlabucus and not this newspaper.

Meanwhile, he wants to thank all the sponsors and all those who helped in one way or another to organise the exchange programme with their Mauritian counterparts.

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