Orthopaedist Louange performs 7 surgical operations on routine tour


Dr Louange

Dr Louange, who normally comes here every four months, was on his fifth routine working visit since taking up permanent employment in Singapore in 1998.

He told Seychelles Nation the surgeries this time were all joint re-alignment. But he has on other occasions also performed joint replacements.

The consultations are referrals made by other visiting orthopaedists from India and Reunion for him to decide on surgery or not.  They concern mostly degenerative joints, including lower back, knee and hip.

Dr Louange said the main causes among older patients are that they are living longer and subsequently more prone to degeneration of the joints and discs.

He said among the younger patients, where the degenerative conditions are on the increase, these are mostly linked to unhealthy lifestyle, lack of exercise and obesity.

Smoking is bad for all age groups, as it cuts off the blood supply to the discs, thereby de-generating them.

Dr Louange said his advice to everyone is to adopt a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet, regular exercise, avoid putting on weight as it strains the spine and adopt a good posture when sitting or standing.

Dr Louange also said he is envisaging coming back to Seychelles and working here permanently.

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