Spain and Seychelles tourism ministers meet at FITUR


Ministers St Ange and Soria Lopez

Spain remains one of the European countries receiving the most tourists with tourism also remaining a main revenue earner for the country.

Minister Soria Lopez said he had been following closely the ongoing successes of the Seychelles tourism industry and the visibility campaign being mounted by this island nation.

Minister St Ange told the press after the meeting with Minister Soria Lopez that Seychelles is today being seen as a serious tourism industry destination.

“What we do is being followed and as we are being successful the name Seychelles is being used as a reference as never before,” said Minister St Ange.

The minister told the press that Seychelles cannot afford to fail in its mission to not only develop its tourism industry, but also to consolidate the islands’ tourism industry for the long term because tourism remains the pillar of the Seychelles economy.

“As other countries are saying they are receiving millions of visitors, Seychelles remains happy to be following a path to personalised sustainable tourism with our eyes firmly set for the long haul. Our tourism industry is today bringing results for our economy. Our visitor arrival numbers are today four times the country’s work force and over two times the islands’ total population. This is a successful tourism industry in any way you look at it,” added Minister St Ange.

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