Mauritius confirms involvement in Carnaval International de Victoria


A foretaste of one of the Mauritian participants who will be in Seychelles for the carnival

This brings to four out of the six islands forming the Vanilla Islands regional organisation to be standing together for this year’s carnival slated for February 8-10.

The MTPA has said that Mauritius will be represented by ‘Dance with the Sea’, a vibrant group of Mauritian artists and dancers. The vivacious group consists of 35 participants who are trained by the MTPA.

The group’s choreography, according to the MTPA, draws inspiration from the natural ebb and flow of the sea. The movements recreate the majestic energy of the waves vigorously crashing into the coral barriers that protect the turquoise lagoons surrounding the idyllic island of Mauritius. The energetic ocean is the key focus of the ‘Dance with the Sea’ group.

‘Dance with the Sea’ embraces the diverse and colourful culture of the Mauritian people and emphasises their unity. It also highlights Mauritius as a unique tropical destination where the beach is a languid and idyllic place of joy and healing. The natural elements of the warm sun and the sea’s cleansing salt create a revitalising environment which rejuvenates all who descend onto the seashore.

Through their art and their swings, the ‘Dance with the Sea’ group will come together as one as they feel the rhythm in their souls – a core element of dance. Twirling and twisting to the sound of the Flic en Flac carnival song, which was also played at last year’s festivities, the group will bring Mauritian flare and sparkle to Seychelles, adding to the carnival spirit and festive mood which will fill the air. 

Their authentic costumes will further illustrate their culture and communicate a strong message that focuses on the sun, sand and the sparkling sea. Spectators will be transported to golden sands, waves singing in perfect harmony and the filao trees gently swaying against the cool, peaceful breeze.

‘Dance with the Sea’ will represent the joy, tranquillity and energy of Mauritius and fits perfectly into the colourful and vivacious Carnaval International de Victoria. It is set to be three days filled with rhythm, culture, and romance which will charm anyone in its path.

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