Pilot education NLP programme begins


Students during one of the sessions last week

Called the Neuro Linguistic Programme (NLP), it was first introduced to a group of secondary three pupils from the Mont Fleuri school, their parents and teachers in November last year.

The pilot programme, initiated by the National Council for Children (NCC) is being carried out in collaboration with the Ministry of Education.

The programme is being conducted by Patricia Francourt, an Education and Skills Development consultant working in the United Kingdom, where the programme has been successfully carried out.

It targets not only pupils but also involves parents and teachers and counts a lot on their commitment to make it work.

The same group of some 20 pupils who are now in S4 are attending the second phase of the programme.

The group who from primary to S1 have been very good performers, are now seeing their academic performances slowing down.

The NLP has among its aims to coach pupils to have a good vision for their future and rekindle their interest in their studies.

The sessions which started last week will bring the pupils together for two hours once a week for six weeks and will involve a lot of group work, various exercises, assignments for pupils with targets and goals, and several other activities.

Last week’s sessions began with the pupils stating clearly what they want to get out of the six-week programme and what they want to change in their lives.

“Knowing your expectations and what you all want is very important for me to commit myself to meet all your needs during the six weeks that I will be working with you,” Ms Francourt said.

Among the expected outcome of the programme is remarkable improvement in pupils’ performance and a boost in their self-confidence.

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