Karting-Liza Rene-Cosgrow gets new two-year mandate


The association’s vice-chairman John Simon and secretary Bernadette Mein were also re-elected into their posts.

Gerard Ah-Shung is back as SKA treasurer, while Redmond Bonnelame, Dane Decommarmond, Roland Delcy, Terence Gabriel and David Rene have all been re-elected as ordinary members.

In her chairman's report, Mrs Rene-Cosgrow said in the past two years local karting has made a lot of progress, but also acknowledged that there is still a lot to be improved on, especially in terms of punctuality, help from members and parents during events and more coverage of the sport on national television.

She added that the major setback for 2012 was being let down by one of the main sponsors who did not honour its commitment.

Mrs Rene-Cosgrow also added that karting will not be able to function as it would like to without sponsors. In that line, she has invited any potential sponsors to come forward with whatever backing they can offer.

She used the recent international trip to the Dubai as one of the good examples where sponsorship of any size put together can make a successful trip, allowing two teams, instead of one, to compete.

On the positive side, she said the Dubai Enduro outing topped last year's achievements, but added that local competition between drivers in different classes also improved greatly.

Mrs Rene-Cosgrow added that the SKA website needs to be re-launched as an effort to put the sport back in the limelight.

She also encouraged all members to have a better spirit of volunteerism, not only to make the association move forward, but to also boost teamwork.

Among the top priorities for 2013, Mrs Rene-Cosgrow mentioned the maintenance or replacement of the SKA-owned karts, extending and resurfacing the track, and new storage facilities.

She also added that overseas competitions will be looked at and with adequate funds from sponsors there may be a possibility for the national team to take part in other events.

Mrs Rene-Cosgrow thanked all members and sponsors alike for all their support towards her committee over the last two years and urged for continuity.

Meanwhile, the karting season is scheduled to begin at the end of February but all will depend on the weather condition.


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