Satisfactory performance by Sals students in A-Level exams


A total of 129 students sat for examinations in 15 different A-Level subjects.
Overall there were 370 subject entries with the highest number of entries recorded for the subject Business Studies (44 students) and the lowest for the subject Art and Design (7 students).

The highest percentage of students scoring grades C or better was in French, Sociology and Chemistry.

A total of 43 students have qualified for scholarships.

Overview of examinations results

The pass rate of 93% was a significant improvement on the pass rate of   87% recorded in 2011.
Five A grades (i.e. A* + A) were achieved in the subjects Mathematics (taken by 41 students), Physics (taken by 29 students), Biology (taken by 23 students) and Sociology (taken by 30 students). The highest number (i.e. 3) of A* grades was recorded in the Physics subject. 

A 100% pass rate was recorded for the subjects Literature in English, Sociology and French. The pass rate for the subjects Mathematics, the Sciences, Business Studies, Economics, History and Geography was in the 90-100% range.

The pass rates for the subjects Art and Design, and Accounting was in the 80%-90% range, and the subject Computing was in the 70-80%.

The most significant improvement in pass rate were recorded in the following subjects
– Biology (by 34%) and Chemistry (by 18%).

In conclusion, the Ministry of Education wishes to congratulate the students for their hard work and is calling on the present group of students to continue to put extra effort so that results will keep improving for the years to come.

The ministry also wishes to thank all teachers who have worked hard to help the students, and the parents for their support.

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