Midwives learn to screen newborns for hearing problems


A midwife carrying out hearing tests on a newborn yesterday using the Otoacoustic emission screener

The equipment will be used to test the hearing level of newborn babies before they can go home, so as to be able to identify any problems at an early stage.

During the three days, those taking part in the training sessions were given an overview of what hearing is about, anatomy of the ear and on the equipment itself.

They learned how to use the equipment and how to interpret the results. The midwives were also given the chance to use the equipment on the ward with the newborn babies and they learned how to interpret the results.

A midwife from the Baie Ste Anne Praslin and Anse Royale hospital were also taking part in the training led by audiologist Georges Savy.

Babies have their hearing tests at nine months old but it is done using toys and sounds made by the nurse.

These tests will gradually be phased out and all hearing tests will be done on the maternity ward on newborns.  With the use of this equipment the results will be more accurate.

Child and school health programme manager at the Ministry of Health Anne-Marie Bibi said the training on the use of the equipment falls under the child health programme in the public health department.

The Otoacoustic emission screener is a gift from the Lions Club of Paradise Seychelles (LCPS) and the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA).

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