Government to consider fresh amendments to existing Public Order Act


AG Govinden has responded to the Electoral Commission with regards to the report on reforms of the Public Order Act (Cap 194), which was submitted to President James Michel.

In a letter to the Electoral Commission chairman Hendrick Gappy, AG Govinden has conveyed the government’s appreciation of the contribution of the Electoral Commission to the process of electoral reform.

Furthermore, the noted that he has advised the government to consider fresh amendments to the Public Order Act, taking into account the recommendations of the Electoral Commission.

He has, however, noted that the recommendations made by the commission only cover the aspects governing public gatherings, and that the Public Order Act is an overarching piece of legislation covering all aspects of law and order in the country, and therefore cannot be repealed in its entirety without compromising all other important elements it contains for the general maintenance of law and order.

Therefore, adds Mr Govinden, the government will consider fresh amendments to the existing Public Order Act in addition to those proposed by the commission, and these amendments will be communicated to the commission prior to the finalisation of the Bill.

AG Govinden has also underlined that the mandate of the Electoral Commission is to recommend amendments to existing legislation and not to initiate new legislation, which is the role of the government.

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