Overhead plane flight adds to carnival frenzy


The Seychellois and Indian pilots just before the flight

The flight was made by Seychellois and Indian pilots in a Dornier 228 and a Twin Otter, which took off shortly before 3pm and passed over the procession just as the event kicked off.

The Indian and Seychelles military are working together in the fight against piracy, and the initiative to make the overhead flight came after discussions on how they could contribute to the carnival.

Flying over the national library building at around 300 feet is no small feat, and Second Lieutenant Archille Uzice of the SAF thanked the Indian military for sharing their experiences with local airmen.

Commander Sandesh Pathak of the Indian Navy told Seychelles Nation the demonstration was a way of showing their support and commitment to Seychelles.

“One of the things that make a low-level pass tricky is the weather,” he said, and good weather did bless the airmen, as clear skies made everything go according to plan, and the flight was successful and on time that afternoon.

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