Students learn about effects of trade on environment


Students listening to a presentation during the symposium yesterday

Students from the UniSey, the School of Advanced Level Studies and members of the Eco-Youth organisation had the chance to learn about trade and environment and how the two are linked to each other. 

The event was organised by the UniSey in collaboration with the Wildlife Clubs of Seychelles, and aimed to teach those present about the issue of trade and the environment on both local and international level.

There were various guest speakers presenting different aspects of the topic, such as Terrence Vel from the Wildlife Clubs of Seychelles, who spoke about biodiversity and why it is so important to protect our environment.

Iris Carolus from the Sustainability for Seychelles – a non-governmental organisation – gave an overview of the countries around the world trying to protect their environment, international agreements on environment and trade, and those that Seychelles has signed.

There were also representatives of the Ministry of Finance, Trade and Investment who spoke about the World Trade Organisation, which Seychelles is working to join.
Also giving presentations was a representative of the United Nations Development Programme explaining about bio-security, invasive species and genetically-modified organisms, and many more.

There were also case studies on coco-de-mer poaching in Seychelles, where all present could put forward their opinions and suggestions.
Part-time lecturer at the UniSey Michelle Martin told Seychelles Nation that towards the end of the seminar, all present did creative group work to see how far they had absorbed the subject matter and they then gathered all the recommendations.

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