Lecturers gear up for launch of civic education in schools


AG Govinden giving his presentation yesterday

AG Govinden giving his presentation yesterday

Yesterday’s presentation took place at the School of Education (ex-NIE) auditorium and was attended by mostly employees of the Ministry of Education.

In her opening speech, Elva Gédéon, senior development officer for civics, personal and social education, said that the workshop was targeting mainly post-secondary lecturers due to the introduction of citizenship education in post-secondary institutions this year.

She added that knowledge of the law is important for young adults to become responsible and active citizens in Seychelles.

Citizenship education was, since 1999, a module taught in personal and social education (PSE) in state schools. But since last year, the Ministry of Education has decided that citizenship education should be taught as a subject in its own right. It is anticipated that students from crèche to university will be exposed to citizenship education as of next year.

AG Govinden’s lecture outlined the process of law enactment, the role of the cabinet of ministers, the powers of the Attorney General and his office and the types of laws in Seychelles, among other issues.

Those present also had the opportunity to ask AG Govinden questions after the lecture.
AG Govinden stated that he appreciates the responses and any un-dealt issues will be tackled by correspondence.

Jacques Koui, curriculum development officer for Civics, Personal and Social Education, stated that such workshop is part of his department’s role to reinforce teachers’ knowledge of the Education Act and the law-making process in Seychelles.

He also added that there will be more workshops of this nature in future.

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