New Chinese restaurant opens at Ephelia Resort


Authentic Chinese dishes are now on offer at the Constance Ephelia Resort

The restaurant, named Adam and Eve, previously offered ethnic grills, and the idea to turn it into Asian cuisine is an initiative led by the resort’s food and beverage director Fabrice Loaec and his team.

“We saw that although there were places in Seychelles offering Chinese cuisine, we decided to make it available to clients on the next level, where class and comfort meet elegance, but at the same time caters for family needs,” he said.

And with one month to prepare everything, the restaurant welcomed its first guests on Sunday ¬– coinciding with the Chinese New Year. The restaurant will continue with the soft opening for one month, and will in March have the grand opening, complete with Chinese décor and cutlery.

Sunday’s event had a variety of performances, which included the lion and other traditional Chinese dances.
Clients can even now choose from a grand selection of Chinese food for both lunch and dinner.

Mr Fabrice told Seychelles Nation that during the soft opening the restaurant is available to the resort’s clients, but will be open to the public as from next month after the grand opening.

Guests on Sunday enjoyed delicious Asian dishes made from prawns, beef, chicken, vegetables and many more, having literally a Chinese experience as they attempted to eat with their chopsticks!

Speaking to head chef Zhu Ling, we learned that with over 10 years’ experience in this sector, and having worked in five-star hotels in many countries including other Constance group hotels, he is aiming to make his establishment the number one offering such services.

Chef Zhu and his team strutting their stuff in the kitchen

“Our primary concern was getting the appropriate ingredients to work with. Since they are not readily available, we have to source a supply from overseas, but having solved that, we are now looking forward to providing our clients with top of the line, delicious Chinese dishes,” he said.

“For our specialties, we offer dishes like Peking duck, sweet and sour chicken, steamed fish, black pepper beef, sushi and so on. We will also consider experimenting a little bit in mixing Seychelles and Chinese cuisine, and why not have something along the line of a Creole-Chinese dish for those who want to have it!”

Chef Zhu said his favourite dish to prepare is Peking duck and that he is enjoying his Seychelles experience and plans to “stay a long time!”

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