Post secondary selection done


Ms Ernesta

She told Nation there was the main selection step followed by an appeal and post appeal stages.

A total of 1,800 places were available but there were only 1,317 applicants, 1,264 of whom were selected, leaving out only 53 whose qualification did not match what they wanted.
She said the applicants were former S4 and S5 students of state schools, from the Independent School and from the International School.
Also included were students who completed their S5 in 2011 but did not secure a place last year.

“Ten institutions are offering courses including eight post-secondary schools, the University of Seychelles’ School of Education and its Information Technology centre, she said, adding the Seychelles Police Academy is also offering a course for security officers.

“For 2013, a total of 49 courses are being offered, including 37 full time and 12 apprenticeship programmes,” she said, explaining four of the apprenticeship courses of the Seychelles Tourism Academy are being offered on Praslin.

Besides the Certificate in Security work course, also new is the Diploma in Emergency Care now available at the National Institute of Health & Social Studies along with the Diploma in Biomedical Laboratory Sciences which was not on offer last year.

She noted that besides nursing, the other NIHSS programmes are offered after a cohort finishes, usually after three years.
“We have met the quota for the majority of the courses but we still have a lot of places in some programmes because for example there was an insufficient number of applicants for these courses like masonry and carpentry, which are offered by the Seychelles Institute of Technology.”

There were also not enough applicants for the agriculture and horticulture & landscaping courses as well as for the course for security officers.
Ms Ernesta said some applicants who did not gain entry in a course in the first selection round chose not to appeal while many applicants and their parents were not familiar with the contents of the course information booklet they were all given.

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