NDEA communiqué-R146,000 worth of drugs seized


In a communiqué, the NDEA says that two persons were taken into custody during the course of an early morning operation last Friday morning.

Both were taken to the NDEA headquarters for questioning in connection with the discovery, one of whom, a 42-year-old trader from the north of Mahé, has been detained pending further investigation.

The communiqué adds that the drugs, consisting of high quality compressed cannabis, appear to have been part of a larger consignment, the origin of which has not been determined, but is most likely to have originated from Madagascar, a location that has become popular with drug traffickers.
NDEA investigators have established that drugs are being smuggled from this location into Seychelles by traffickers using a variety of concealment methods and maneuvers to evade capture.

The extent of marine activity in the seas around Seychelles may appear to provide cover for those involved in importing drugs. The consequences for those who take the chance in the hope of avoiding capture far exceed any benefit that may arise from this kind of activity, adds the communiqué.

The sentences imposed by the courts, and the possible seizure of assets acquired arising out of criminal activity, are severe and may have far reaching effects, not just for those involved, but on their families.

In a separate development in the courts last week Mervin Antoine Didon, a 34-year-old casual labourer of Cayole Estate, who was arrested at Anse Aux Pins on January 4, 2013 for possession of cannabis, pleaded guilty to the charge of possession and was sentenced to four years imprisonment.

A second accused was also convicted by the Supreme Court during the week after he pleaded guilty to a charge of trafficking illegal drugs. The accused, who was just 14 years old when arrested at ‘Dan Tol’ Plaisance on September 6, 2012 for trafficking hashish and heroin, will be sentenced by the Supreme Court on February 27, 2013.

Meanwhile, the NDEA has said its presence on Praslin and La Digue is proving to be an effective deterrence against local traffickers.
During the past number of weeks more than 25 users and two traffickers have been arrested.

The evidence against those arrested will be assessed and, where appropriate, cases will be brought before the courts in due course.
During the months of December 2012 and January 2013, the NDEA presence on both islands has resulted in more than 200 stops and searches of individuals suspected of being involved in illegal drug-related activity.

During the same period 57 separate operations were carried out involving the interception of motorised transport, searches of dwelling houses, out houses and other locations which the agents suspect are being used to either sell, use, or otherwise trade in illegal drugs.

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