Home-saving scheme contributors to get priority, says President


The President made the announcement in his State-of-the-nation address delivered in the National Assembly on Tuesday afternoon.

“Government has done a lot – quite a lot – to provide Seychellois families with decent housing.  But we cannot satisfy all the demands at the same time,” said Mr Michel.
He pointed out that our resources are limited – a fact that people must understand.

The President said he knows there are people who have been waiting for several years for a house or a plot of land.
“Families who are waiting for a house or a plot of land have to start helping themselves,” noted the President.

“They have to take their responsibilities seriously and make their contributions every month towards their future homes,” added the President.
Mr Michel said people cannot just think of entertainment, go dancing every night, and expect they will just get a house.

“People have to think of the future, they have to work hard and make a contribution which will be deducted from their loans when they do get their house,” the President said.
For those people who already have a house, Mr Michel said they must respect their obligations and responsibilities.

“Pay your loans regularly so that your brothers and sisters who are on the waiting list can also benefit from housing assistance,” the President added.
He said that despite certain constraints and difficulties, the country has continued with its major projects.

“In 2012 we allocated 327 housing units at Ile Perseverance. During the same year we completed another 166 units. The allocation of these units will be done during the coming weeks, once the project for infrastructure serving these units has been completed,” noted Mr Michel.

The President added that this year the government will complete the construction of a further 274 units at Ile Perseverance.

Apart from the Ile Perseverance project, Mr Michel said the government also undertook certain redevelopment projects which saw the allocation of 16 housing units.
“We shall continue this redevelopment effort this year in several districts, in addition to the allocation of a further 25 units,” added the President.

The President also announced that a major project to be launched this year is the construction of 180 housing units in three districts, and this is thanks to a generous donation from the government of Abu Dhabi.

President Michel also announced that the government is studying the feasibility of a mechanism for house insurance.
This follows severe damages to many homes and property as a result of the recent severe storm which hit Seychelles.

“The severe storms have shown how vulnerable we are to natural disasters. We saw how many houses and properties were damaged. Some or even many were not insured and families concerned now find themselves in a difficult situation,” the President said.
He said government will, of course, help as much as it can.

“But the experience has shown us the need to have insurance cover for our homes,” the President stressed.
With regard to land allocation, Mr Michel said the government was unable to do as much as it had wanted, again because of a lack of resources, but it nevertheless in 2012 managed to offer 80 plots of land in different districts.

“We firmly believe in a partnership with the private sector that will help us attain our housing and land development objectives,” said the President.
He added that the government is giving the private sector the opportunity to take part in the development of Ile Soleil through the 2020 Development project which aims to empower our young entrepreneurs.

Also in the context of public private partnership, Mr Michel said government is negotiating with certain partners to build condominiums on Ile Perseverance for graduates and young professionals.

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