First Lady meets Red Cross head


Mrs Michel flanked by Mrs Carolus-André (left) and Mrs Gonthier

Mrs Carolus-André discussed pertinent areas of work collaboration between the Seychelles Children’s Home Foundation and the Red Cross and engaged the commitment and support of the Red Cross in helping children living in the different homes in Seychelles.

First Lady Michel and Mrs Carolus-André also discussed areas of training where her volunteers can provide training to the children, staff and even the parents of the children in the homes.

Areas where training could be given include first aid, humanitarian practices, besides other key areas.
The Red Cross society, which has been very active lately in Seychelles, has been preoccupied with collecting donations and bringing relief to victims of the disaster caused by heavy rainfall.

Besides disaster relief, the society also does extensive resource mobilisation at national and regional levels in blood donation, volunteer development and training.

For her part, Mrs Michel, who is also the Patron of the RCSS, expressed her heartfelt appreciation to the RCSS for the excellent work it is doing. 

Mrs Michel also expressed her wish for the foundation to work closely with the Red Cross in areas concerning children so as to help the foundation in its cause to reach out to children needing special attention and with the aim of safeguarding their interests.

Also present during the meeting was the chief executive of the Seychelles Children’s Homes Foundation Noella Gonthier.

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