68 cases of dengue fever registered


Seven patients with moderate illness were admitted in hospitals and treated as in-patients. Five have recovered and have been discharged, and two were recently recent admitted.

The ministry has said that three quarters of the cases are adults with equal distribution between male and female. The inner islands and the eastern region of Mahe have been the most affected, this is as a result of heavy rains which battered these areas.

Tests done locally and abroad at a World Health Organisation (WHO) accredited laboratory have indicated recent dengue infections. Additional diagnostic tests are being conducted and as there are different types of dengue fever, further sub-type tests are still being carried out overseas.

Dengue is transmitted by infected mosquitoes and hence the Ministry of Health has intensified mosquito control activities across the country.
For a better containment of the outbreak with longer lasting success, the ministry is calling on members of the public to help in mosquito control interventions in their living and working environments through elimination of mosquito breeding grounds and also self protection.

The basic measures are to:

1. Inspect around your home at least twice a week to check for stagnant water,
2. Remove all potential mosquito breeding sites around their homes and workplaces. These include any water holding receptacles with stagnant water,
3. Fill up water holding areas on the ground with sand, coral fill, soil etc,
4. Remove water holding vases in cemeteries, and fill those that cannot be removed with sand, and put a hole at the bottom to allow water drainage,
5. Use mosquito repellents, long sleeved shirts and blouses to prevent bites,
6. Use household insecticides to destroy flying mosquitoes, especially in dark corners of the house,
7. Sleep under mosquito nets if you have any,
8. Mosquito proof your house using shade cloth/mesh,
9. Report to your health centre immediately if you start to become ill with dengue-like signs and symptoms such as fever, headache, body aches, joint pain, or rash.

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