Mayotte confirms involvement in 2014 carnival


Reunion, Madagascar and Rodrigues have already confirmed their involvement and the organisers hope Mauritius will do the same.

The Mayotte delegation expressed its appreciation to Seychelles and commended the expertise and diligence of the organisers of the Carnaval International de Victoria.
The Mayotte representatives said that they have been particularly touched by the recognition and acknowledgement of their presence in Victoria by Minister St Ange during his speech at the official opening of the carnival.

“The participation of Mayotte in the Carnaval International de Victoria is a win-win situation for Seychelles and Mayotte as it will enhance the visibility of our islands as a tourist destination,” said a representative of the Mayotte delegation.

In addition, the delegation recognises that the Carnaval International de Victoria provides the ideal platform for the Vanilla islands to show their solidarity and work on common goals to promote this new concept of togetherness under the Vanilla Islands brand.

“We have never had access to so many members of the press coming from everywhere. This is why Mayotte needs to increase its own visibility and we will work with Seychelles to raise the profile of Mayotte as a member of the Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands Organisation,” the Mayotte delegation said.

Minister St Ange welcomed the support of Mayotte island for the carnival, and its decision to be present in force at the fourth carnival.

“The Indian Ocean Vanilla Islands regional organisation has much tolerance for the cultural diversity of our islands and of our people. One of the most beautiful attractions of Mayotte is its beautiful coral reef which borders some of the largest lagoons. This is a haven housing a unique marine life. The lagoon is also a natural aquarium for marine life. Mayotte offers one of the best experiences for whale watching as well as several species of dolphins and sea turtles. These attractions are important assets for the islands of Mayotte and for the other Vanilla Islands region, said Minister St Ange.

Working groups from the two islands will be set up to work on the recommendations of the recent meeting so as to consolidate the working cooperation.

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