Miss Seychelles … Another World Beauty Pageant 2013-14 finalists join race to succeed Sherlyn Furneau


The meeting between Minister Meriton and staff of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture

Members of the public will as from today become familiar with the faces of the 14 finalists – Lindy Barallon, Sandra Ramanoelina, Joanne Napier, Naomi Fernandez, Emma Denousse, Angèle Quatre, Kelly Payet, Agnes Gerry, Nikita Nourrice, Isha Hoareau, Avrena Marie, Francesca Lablache, Steffie Fred and Rohanna Adelaide – who will be challenging each other to replace Sherlyn Furneau as Miss Seychelles … Another World.

The crowning ceremony is slated for Saturday May 25.

STB’s chief executive Elsia Grandcourt said the 14 finalists have been selected following screening sessions carried out by an appointed panel of judges.
The main criteria behind the selection process is that the finalists for the Miss Seychelles … Another World Pageant must have the potential to be the representative of Seychelles at the 2013 Miss World Pageant.

Reigning Miss Seychelles … Another World 2012 Sherlyn Furneau will have the honour of crowning her successor.

(See front page for the photos of the 14 finalists).

Social renaissance meeting with the Ministry of Culture and Tourism

Collaborative partnership to address challenges

Social Renaissance Steering Committee chairman Vincent Meriton has stressed the need for a collaborative partnership between all concerned so that challenges can be addressed in a more comprehensive manner.

Mr Meriton, who is also the Minister for Social Affairs, Community Development and Sports, said this during a recent social renaissance meeting with representatives of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture.

He reminded everyone that the successful implementation of the plan demands a national effort.

Tourism and Culture Minister Alain St Ange and 50 senior staff of his ministry attended the meeting during which they were presented with details of the National Plan of Action on Social Renaissance and the ministry’s contributions in ensuring the success of the plan.
Among the pertinent issues discussed were:
• The role of popular culture and the need to provide young people with meaning through artistic productions

• The role of the media in assisting the social renaissance campaign

• How each individual has a personal responsibility

• Ensuring that people benefit from development

• Ensuring that society is able to provide the workforce for an expanding economy

• Ensuring stability and social cohesion which is a crucial factor for the tourism industry.

After a lively debate, Minister St Ange pledged to give his full support to the Plan of Action and its implementation.

The minister noted it is important that everyone takes ownership of the plan and take the steps necessary to transform our society.
“We need to remain connected to our community and the tourism industry,” Minister St Ange pointed out.
As a tourist destination, Seychelles has to ensure the safety of its visitors.

 Incidents of violence against tourists harm the whole country and in this respect, by addressing issues of crime and drug abuse, the social renaissance plan will provide another platform to ensure the safety of the local population as well as visitors.

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