India and Seychelles discuss renewable energy projects


 The two experts in a souvenir photograph with guests at a luncheon hosted for them by Prof. Payet during their recent visit here

The two experts from the Indian Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Dr. K. K. Khare and A.K. Varshney, visited Seychelles from February 18-20, 2013.
The team, led by Indian high commissioner Thanglura Darlon, met the Minister for Environment and Energy, Professor Rolph Payet, and the Minister for Foreign Affairs Jean-Paul Adam to apprise them of the scope of sharing India’s experience in the planning and implementation of renewable energy projects in Seychelles.
The experts also had fruitful interactions with officials of various concerned departments.

Specific possibilities for deployment of various types of renewable energy systems were discussed in detail with officials of the Seychelles Energy Commission.

  These include partnership of the solar and biomass based power generation in grid/off-grid mode at various islands, to begin with on Mahé and La Digue.

Specific projects identified for Mahé include MW capacity grid connected solar PV power plant at the existing wind farm site; small capacity roof top solar PV systems at upcoming residential colonies; exploring possibilities for generation of energy from kitchen wastes, municipal wastes, etc.
Small capacity solar PV power plants and charging stations/power packs and small power plants based on biomass gasification/combustion technologies have been identified and possible sites suggested for La Digue Island.
These are considered good prospects for such biomass power technologies as the island has good availability of coconut shells, fronds, etc., besides, other forest residues, mainly from casuarinas and other tree species.
It was also suggested to have briquetting/pelletization plants from the various biomass residues to serve as feedstock fuel for meeting direct thermal energy needs in hotels, tea industries, factories etc., in addition to power generation.

 Such initiatives could also be linked with dedicated energy platforms.
Option for deployment of hybrid systems of solar, wind, biomass, micro/mini-hydel with diesel coupled to ‘SMART grid network’ was also suggested.
Possibilities for providing solution for water desalination based on Ocean Thermal Energy Technology (OTEC) could also be examined with the help of Indian expertise.
The experts’ visit to Seychelles follows meeting between Prof. Payet and India’s Union Minister for New and Renewable Energy, Dr. Farooq Abdullah, during the former’s visit to India in December 2012 when he expressed his desire to have strong collaboration and cooperation with India in promoting the use of renewable energy in Seychelles so as to reduce our heavy dependence on diesel based power generation.
Prof. Payet also met Dr. Abdullah in New Delhi in January this year.

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